Thursday, March 1, 2007

EV Revolution

It seems that ever since the Industrial Revolution increasing technology has only led to increasing pollution. My desire is to turn things around. I want to lead a revolution of Electric Vehicles to create a better environment and a better world. First thing... dispel the false beliefs about EV technology and prove that it has the potential to meet all (yes, ALL!) of our transportation needs. I say potential because much of the technology is yet unrefined and fully discovered. Enter me; Passion and Principles.

Those who choose to fight this battle will be up against some of the biggest money and opposition one could ever imagine being up against. The fight will be tough because in the minds of those on the other end of the stream of money made from oil, the environment is nothing. Oil Tycoons, Automakers, Auto Repair Shops, Auto Parts Fabricators and Politicians are all major players in this Multiple-Billion-Dollar-Industry that centers around oil. Oil, is a very important resource that we need for making our clothes, building roads, making tires for our cars, and many other critical things to our way of life; yet we waste it on burning in our vehicles (meanwhile destroying our planet) when there are other wonderful means of transportation available.

One thing is for sure; no one technology will save us from this crisis, but EV's will bring us much closer. The next step will then be finding more efficient sources of "renewable" energy and using that to power our vehicles. It is of course possible for someone as determined to provide a breathable planet for our kids as I, to harvest our own energy for use in our vehicles (at least in part) in our own backyard. Solar technology is just one way to do this, and this technology is ever improving, if slowly at the moment.

  • Let us each journey to improve this world in which we live.
  • Let us test the scientific boundaries of what we thought was true.
  • Let us force our government to change the way it handles our money.
  • Let us elect people (not politicians) who truly do care about our country, our world, and the people who live in it.
  • Let us not fight meaningless battles but focus our energy on self reflection and improvement.
Final Thought:
I would love to see all of us focus on improving that people we are as individuals rather than trying to improve others. If we all did this, the world would be a much better place.

Signing off,